Caring for you, at Darby House

Part of what makes retirement living enjoyable is the ability to relax with the knowledge that your health and well-being are in good hands.  Darby House has been a fixture in the Jefferson County community for over 30 years, which gives us a special knowledge and understanding of what local folks like and enjoy most.

We prepare home cooked meals that taste great but are also familiar, and this familiarity provides a unique form of comfort. . . the comfort of being understood. Most of our staff were born in raised in this community, which allows them to have meaningful conversations and connection with our residents. They can also reminisce about events and places in Jefferson County and surrounding areas, and most importantly, the staff at Darby House understand the local culture. Sometimes, knowing how to make the perfect scratch biscuit or remembering the words to a particular hymn can make all the difference in making a place feel like home. We're proud of our local heritage and feel that understanding local customs and culture are integral to providing top-notch care.

249 East Broadway Blvd

Jefferson City, TN 37760

Phone: (865) 475-7975

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